Clayton Hall Academy, Clayton Lane, Newcastle, Staffordshire. ST5 3DN
Part of Windsor Academy Trust

Curriculum Intent

At Clayton Hall Academy we want our students to know more, remember more and do more so that they become equipped to find their place in the world, achieving their aspirations and ambitions.

We believe that the key to doing this is to provide them with a Gold Standard Curriculum which encourages creativity, digital literacy and resourcefulness alongside a strong base of skills and academic attainment. Subjects plan course content and skills using a spiral model with clear milestones and end-points, allowing key skills and knowledge to be embedded into long term memory. Three years in KS3 allows students to study both breadth and depth in wide range of subjects before becoming more specialised in KS4.

The Clayton Hall Gold Standard Curriculum is also designed to suit our local contexts. Subjects take into account the prior learning of our students at the start of their journey with us and endeavour to support learners in accessing the best of local career opportunities at the end of their journey. An emphasis on resilience, independence and confidence also helps to prepare them for a working life away from familiar surroundings.

The Gold Standard Curriculum at Clayton Hall Academy will:

  • Account for our local context including primary transition and careers opportunities
  • Build on prior learning, embedding skills and knowledge into long term memory
  • Educate and support the whole child into becoming successful British citizens of today and the future
  • Provide an engaging breadth of study at both key stages
  • Create resilient, independent and confident learners