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Our Curriculum Intent 

At Clayton Hall Academy, the English curriculum both inspires and challenges our students, creating an appreciation of human creativity and achievement through our study of literary heritage texts, including those from different cultures from within Britain and around the world. By giving our students a diverse and challenging curriculum, we also give them the skills, resilience and independence needed to become well-rounded individuals with an appreciation for wider societal values. These texts help them to experience life beyond their local contexts and become citizens of the future.

The curriculum has been created with a backbone of English skills which are explicitly taught and re-visited throughout all five years. This spiral curriculum model allows us to adapt and update curriculum content on a regular basis whilst still ensuring that students are fully equipped with the English skills needed for both further study and future careers. In addition to this the study of current affairs, based non-fiction, allows us to challenge negative views and prejudices whilst promoting British values. Our speaking and listening opportunities allow students to present and articulate ideas and opinions to formal and informal audiences in a professional manner, communicating confidently with others using a range of vocabulary.

Ultimately, the English Curriculum at Clayton Hall Academy is designed to create curious and creative individuals who have the skills, confidence, and knowledge to achieve their potential both at school and beyond.

KS3 and KS4 Road Maps

Key Stage 3 Road Map

Key Stage 4 Road Map

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