Clayton Hall Academy, Clayton Lane, Newcastle, Staffordshire. ST5 3DN
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School Uniform

Clayton Hall Academy is a place of work. Students need to appreciate that there is a difference between dress for work and the free self-expression which goes with dress for leisure time. 

Coats, scarves, gloves and other items, which are not part of school uniform, should be removed when entering the foyer areas of all buildings. Such items of clothing should not be put on again while going between lessons, but only when students are about to leave the school premises. 

These items will be checked as part of the Pastoral Standards process. 

Maroon blazer emblazoned with the Clayton Hall Academy badge: must be worn at all times 

Skirts must be: black, knee length and fitting correctly with a minimum drop of 20 inches (this will be longer for taller students to allow for additional height and maintain knee length); not tight or figure hugging and must not ride up when the student walks. 

Tights: if wearing skirts, black tights should be worn. 

Socks: worn under trousers, socks should be black or dark coloured. 

Trousers must be: black; plain tailored – with a defined waistband and zip; hang from the waist line; not be hipsters; not drag or touch the ground; not be denim, cargo material or Lycra; not be of tight or figure hugging material; not have logos on them; They should not have a belt or buckle sewn to the trouser; students may use a black or brown belt, which must not have large buckles, and not have any branding or logos. 

Shirts must not be fitted; must always be worn properly buttoned and tucked in. 

Ties must be properly knotted and worn correctly. 

Jumper: optional grey V-neck jumper may be worn underneath the school blazer 

Shoes must be: plain black; without fancy patterns or buckles; must not be branded or have visible logos or symbols (e.g. Vans, Nike, Adidas); must not look like trainers or have rubber toe caps; must not be boots. Shoes with high heels (more than 2 inches), platforms, sling backs or no backs are not allowed for health and safety reasons. 

Training shoes and pumps are not part of the school uniform, for health and safety reasons. If students wear them at break or lunchtime to play sport, then they should change back into their shoes before their next lesson. 

Jewellery, apart from one ear stud per earlobe, is not allowed. Jewellery should not be worn both for health and safety reasons and on the grounds of security. 

Make-up is not allowed. Black or brown mascara is permitted on the top lashes only. No other make-up will be accepted and students should not wear false eyelashes, eyeliner, blusher, eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick or coloured lip gloss and balm. Nail Varnish, Nail Gel and extended nails should not be worn for health and safety reasons. Anyone arriving in school with obvious make up or nail varnish will be required to remove it.  
Hair should be business-like without extreme highlights (e.g. black on blonde or blonde on black) and should have no extreme cuts or styles. When taking part in sport and D&T students with long hair will be required to have it tied back with an elastic band or bobble.  

General Appearance should be smart with no additional piercings and/or tattoos including henna tattoos. If henna tattoos are required for cultural reasons please consult the school. Body piercing is not allowed. Students must remove all body piercing before coming into school; this includes nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows or helix (ear cartlidge).

Where parents have allowed piercings or henna tattoos during the holiday period the healing process for piercings must have ended and all jewellery removed by the time school recommences. All visible signs of tattoos must have disappeared. No facial piercings of any sort are allowed in school.  

Overalls are recommended for practical work in laboratories and workshops to protect uniform from damage by chemicals. An old cotton shirt would be suitable if an overall is not available. Students’ clothing is at risk without a covering. 

PE Kit: Sports top with school logo and appropriate house coloured flash. Maroon/Black shorts or skorts. Football socks in house colour. Black tracksuit bottoms, loose fit, not leggings style. Shin pads and gum shield. Sports Trainers (not pumps or fashion, e.g. Converse/Vans). Plain black waterproof top (optional). Maroon PE hoodie (optional). All sportswear should be plain with minimum logos or stripes.  

All clothes and equipment must be clearly marked with the owner’s name 

Authorised uniform retailers

Our only authorised stockists of uniform are: 

Smart School Uniform 

Hassel Street, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 1AR
Telephone: (01782) 713650

National Schoolwear Centre 

99-101 Stafford Street, Hanley, Stoke on Trent 
Telephone: (01782) 272991