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Business Studies

Our Curriculum Intent 

At Clayton Hall Academy the Business curriculum has been written to develop resilient, independent and confident students who have practical skills, analytical knowledge and evaluative understanding of the World of Business. Through the delivery of GOLD standard lessons students will develop their knowledge of the creation, growth and success of businesses in various markets. Students are encouraged to foster globally responsible attitudes through investigating ethics, business based technological developments and an understanding of environmental sustainability in local, national and international level businesses. Local businesses are often used as examples to highlight Business ownership and growth. Student’s post 16 options in Business are researched and discussed; including further education and apprenticeships. The Business curriculum creates a fundamental understanding of how the world works from an economic standpoint. In Business, pupils will analyse markets to anticipate products that have not yet been created; then study how to develop these from an idea to a marketable product. Business is academic as well as practical; the use of exam questions and group work projects provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their thinking skills as well as their interpersonal ones. Thinking skills are developed through the recall of information and the development of connections between business theory and real world examples.

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