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Post 18 Choices


Students main options are below, click on each one to find out more: ·

If you are considering university, you have a range of options available to you at this stage

Higher/Degree Apprenticeship

An alternative to University, these Higher Level Apprenticeships are advertised on the National Apprenticeships Website.

There are over 20 universities in the Midlands area and 106 in the UK. Lots of opportunities and decisions to make.

Links to local universities – Keele University– Staffordshire University

What if I don’t know what I want to do?

It’s quite normal not to know what you want to do when you enter the world of work, it can be easy to feel that everyone except you has a big dream they are following, but this is not the case. Many students are unsure what they want to do and many change their minds as they go through school.

One way of finding out what might suit you is to take a personality quiz. Follow the link below to take the Buzz Quiz and find out what your personality type is and which jobs might suit you:

If you know you want to work in construction but aren’t sure which roles would suit you why not try to Go Construct and find out which job has your name on it:

Think about what’s important to you. Asking yourself the following questions could help you decide which jobs might suit you: