Clayton Hall Academy, Clayton Lane, Newcastle, Staffordshire. ST5 3DN
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Our Curriculum Intent 

Art is a subject that can help us to understand and give meaning to the world in which we live, with excellent opportunities to develop opportunity and cultural capital for all students. Art effects everyone’s lives and as such is an extremely valuable subject. Our intention is to create exciting and stimulating opportunities to explore, design and create, in a range of media and materials to support capability, decision making and passion for creative subjects. In a fast-paced world of Creative Arts we know our students need a range of knowledge and skills in all areas to compete as specialists of the future. In order to ensure their smooth transition from education to career we have designed our curriculum to offer 3 key elements Art, Photography, and the use of Digital media to create artworks, with links to post-16 learning and employment. Our learners are trained to be independent and resilient, building on prior learning and confident to take risks as they explore their potential.

Gold Standard Teaching and Learning in Art and Design

  • Highly effective and varied questioning to allow students to think beyond their current knowledge or understanding.
  • Rosenshine’s Principles are used to develop thinking processes as a foundation to explore and develop students’ visual literacy and experiences.
  • Regular feedback use of dialogue marking to support students in developing their own targets to explore and improve work.
  • Supportive Learning Environment created with a team ethos to learning.
  • Celebrate mistakes and reward risk taking to further knowledge and experience.

Road map Fine Art KS 4 1

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