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Perfoming Arts

Our Curriculum Intent 

We deliver a strong Drama and Performing Arts curriculum at Clayton Hall Academy; it is spiral in nature, allowing students ample opportunities to be introduced, explore and embed the essential

drama and performing arts skills and social skills that lead to success within the subject disciplines and life itself. Students have the right to express themselves, be creative and be given the opportunity for play whilst working to achievable and tailored goals – our Drama and Performing Arts curriculum gives these opportunities in a safe, encouraging environment, both within and outside the classroom environment. The future of the children we are educating now is uncertain and challenging. The skills that are carefully embedded within our 5 year curriculum fully prepares them for life beyond school into Post-16 studies and careers. The greatest skills we can give them is the ability to achieve whilst harnessing their own creativity and whilst communicating this with others in order to become independent learners, thinkers and problem-solvers.

Our Drama and Performing Arts curriculum is highly practical, and actively immerses students in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary practice. At KS4 our Performing arts curriculum includes a wide range of specialisms, including acting, dance, voice, physical theatre, music theatre, sound design, lighting design, costume design and set design. The variety of pathways that students can follow celebrate the array of possibilities within live and digital arts in a range of contexts and styles whilst nurturing their abilities to self-regulate their own learning. We strongly believe we are fashioning the leaders of tomorrow. We use devising and students’ natural curiosity and creativity to encourage them to explore the world around them; what has gone before, what the future may bring and what is happening right now. We study influential practitioners both within the performance and production aspects, so that they can draw on this expertise to fashion their own responses. We provide students with further cultural capital through meaningful text choices, some with thought-provoking themes and others exploring the delights of making an audience laugh. We offer students the opportunity to be collectively creative, to explore ideas and attitudes and to feel the wonder of performing and producing together. This, juxtaposed with strong links to the creative industries, allows our students to truly experience and understand what it takes to enter the competitive career of life!


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